Updated June 19,2014 Donation Price,

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Updated June 19,2014 Donation Price,

Post by Mr.C on Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:30 am

VIP Packages
30 Days Gold VIP= 150php
30 Days Silver VIP = 110php
30 Days Bronze VIP = 70php
Permanent Gold VIP = 1700php
Permanent Silver VIP = 1300php
Permanent Bronze VIP = 800php

If you want to upgrade your permanent:
Bronze to Gold VIP= 1000php
Bronze to Silver VIP = 600php
Silver to Gold VIP= 500php

Token Packages
50 Token: 50php
120 Token: 100php
250 Token: 200php
500 Token: 350php

Others Packages:
Non-Rare car = 50php
Rare car = 100php
All Business Property = 250php (Note: One business per player)
House = 100php (Note: One house per player)
Hitman Agency (Member Only) = 50php per rank (Note: Do not abuse this faction or else you will kick and not refunded)

If you want to donate, pm Mr.C
Sorry about my english Smile

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