LSFMD Requirements and proper treating (c) Official

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LSFMD Requirements and proper treating (c) Official

Post by Burns on Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:30 am


Heal costs in the range of 20$-30$
Bodyguard will only cost 200$

NOTE : Live Recruitment can be effective without prior notice

Prevent doing Non Rp Heal

- Healing without player's consent / Healing while spawning

Healing above the healing rate will not be tolerated

Healing the same player repeatedly will not be tolerated

Improper use of faction weapons will not be tolerated
- Use of weapons like SPAS12/DEAGLE for DMing

Use proper clothes during duty Medic (1,2,3) & Female

Flooding in /r or /d is not recommended.
- Sending multiple lines that are the same in a short time.

Asking for ranks will be subject to be demoted immediately

Address players respectfully

Do Roleplay in medic activities

Examples :
- Heal :: /me gets first aid and heals the patient
- Deliverpt :: /me rushes patient to the hospital
- Loadpt :: /me gets a stretcher and attempts to load patient

Be responsible with your account
- We will not entertain the reason of " Pilot ".


- Using others identity for ones benifits

Don't initiate duels in public areas especially in front of the Hospital
- Do it in proper places ( Arena , Paintball ) , where there is no civilian around.

Park faction vehicles properly

Respect the Authorities

Use faction vehicles properly

Think maturely

EMS exploit will not be tolerated
- Having someone to do /kill near the hospital repeatedly to raise Ems Success.

NOTE : Punishment varies on the degree of violation.


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