Medellín Cartel

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Medellín Cartel

Post by Frankie_Miller on Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:07 pm

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Gang Creation Form

Post by Johann on Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:05 pm
Reminder : Before you create a gang make sure that your members/family are active , if your gang is inactive for 30days
it will be deleted by an admin .

Gang Name : Medellín Cartel

Leader :

Gang Story (3-5 paragraph) : Medellín Cartel, one of the most infamous drug organizations ever, Ran by Pablo Escobar one of the worlds most ruthless outlaws, His life's aspiration was to have the things he couldn't have as a kid and that is just what he did. His unique way of transporting mass amounts of narcotics made him wealthy beyond his wildest imagination. His legacy is not only notorious with violence but with helping the less fortunate. The drug of choice was cocaine and at the perfect time. Demand never seemed to stop, Pablo was responsible for the 80's cocaine boom and supplied 80% of the United States cocaine at the time. He spent 2500$ every week for the rubber bands alone. Pablo made Colombia famous for having the best cocaine, a sort of brand if you will. After a lot of tension between the Medellín Cartel and the Government's chasing him he turned himself in under his terms. But the demand never stopped and neither did the business of sorts. After the government's realized putting him in a jail that he chose everything that happened inside it, Would not stop the massive amounts of cocaine from be trafficked around the globe. They went back after him, forcing him to go on the run once more. The violence in Colombia did not stop, the murders just kept coming, The president promised if Pablo surrendered they would guarantee his safety. So Pablo's brother Roberto surrendered, he used a smuggled in cell phone to tell Pablo they completely lied about everything and for Pablo not to surrender. Pablo remained at large from the tip offs from multiple sources mostly from the poor he had helped and continued on the run. Roberto tried to warn Pablo to stop talking on the phone but the letter never reached him in time. On December 2nd, 1993, assassinated on a rooftop by the people who had been chasing him for so long. It was not only Pablo that died that day, the Medellín Cartel was also destroyed.

On September 9th, 1991 Aldo Martínez aka Miguel Escobar was born in Medellín, Colombia. His father was working for the Medellín cartel in it's downfall, He left in 1989, from the fear of extradition and being caught. After leaving the cartel this left his family in deep financial problems, Most of Aldo's fathers money went to weapons and alcohol. Weapons were used to secure himself as he thought the cartel and their rivals would retaliate. Alcohol to cope with the violence he had seen, he had numerous confrontations with the Cali-Cartel and others he could not identify. The day Aldo was born was the day that his father knew he had to leave to keep his son from that way of life. Life was very hard for Aldo with an alcoholic father and an absent mother, Aldo's father began robbing drug dealers, this was very lucrative but would eventually be the death of him. In January, 1992 he tried with the money he had made from robbing dealers to get him and his son out legally but was denied, he was accused of being part of a cartel not being able to prove it they couldn't put him behind bars but they could deny him to leave Colombia. Aldo's father continued to be on his grind, until six months later he gained enough money to illegally move to the United States of America.

The year is 1992, it is late July, Aldo and his father have arrived in the United States of America in a farmland in southern California. They had one hundred and twenty nine dollars to live off of. Aldo was to live with his aunt in the poor portion of San Diego. Aldo's father on the other hand was to go to Mexico to explore new opportunities. Aldo’s aunt got disability cheques for narcolepsy, Aldo lived mostly cheque to cheque. In late December Aldo's father returned with many things that he gave to Aldo's aunt to keep for Aldo. He also gave Aldo's aunt forty three thousand dollars. Aldo's aunt would later use the money to purchase an apartment in Los Angeles. The items Aldo's aunt was given were a deed to a 1981 Pontiac Firebird (Phoenix), A Desert Eagle with the word "Medellín" placed into the pearl handle, and a notebook full of formulas and contact information. A few confessions from Aldo's father on video, labeled "12", "15", and "18". He said he should return ‘soon’... Aldo's father would never return. Aldo would later find out his father was shoot in Las Vegas and the killer was unknown, the official report believed it was a gang involved shooting.

Desire Clothes/Skins : All Ballas skin.

Desire Rank Names :
R0- Mula
Description:Gaining the respect of the famila.
May only use Colt, Deagle, and Melees.

- Division assignment -

R1- Socio
Description: Official member of the organization. Still gaining respect of the higher ranks.
Weapons- May only use Colt, Deagle, Melees, Shotgun, and Hunting Rifle.
Earn:Medellín Deagle.

R2- Soldado
Description: Proved themselves to accept higher responsibility, Soldier to the organization.
Weapons- May only use Deagle, Colt, Melees, Silenced pistol, Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, and Uzi!

R3- Cabo
Description: Fully initiated into the cartel. Listened to by lower ranks in the division.
Weapons- May only use Deagle, Colt, Uzi, Melees, Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, and AK-47.

R4- Asesino
Description: Candidate for Capitán.
(( May not touch the safe ))
Weapons- Can use everything except. M4, Combat shotgun, and Mp5.

R5- Capitán
Description:El patrón's assistant.
Weapons- May use everything.

R6-El patrón
Description: The leader of their division.
Weapons-May use, Everything
- Above Division -
R5- Capitán
Description: The leader's Capitain
Weapons-May use, Everything

R6- El patrón
Description: The leader or leaders.
Weapons-May use, Everything

Screenshot of your family (InGame) : Soon


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Re: Medellín Cartel

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