[ACCEPTED]Varrio Los Aztecas

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[ACCEPTED]Varrio Los Aztecas

Post by James_Murdock on Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:23 pm

Gang Name :                                                                               

Leader : Mark_Pingris

Gang Story (3-5 paragraph) :

The Varrios Los Aztecas are an extremely proud Mexican/Latino street gang based in the far south-western portion of South Central Los Santos, they control a small collection of poor/run-down neighborhoods. They are the smallest gang in Los Santos but are likely to be one of the most heavily armed, giving them power over the other gangs. They are a traditionally anti-narcotic gang like the Grove Street families, with heavy involvement in gun running/arms trafficking, gang-banging, gang warfare, street violence, gang-related homicide, murder, vandalism, and illegal street racing. They are easily identifiable by their turquoise colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing.

The Aztecas have a fierce rivalry with the Los Santos Vagos, and strongly dislike the San Fierro Rifa. They also have many conflicts with the nearby Ballas (especially the Front Yard set) since their territories border near Idlewood. The Aztecas are also enemies with the Grove Street Families and will attack Grove members on sight though the rivalry is not as intense as it is with the Ballas and especially the Vagos since the families are well away from their territory, and since they both share similar views on drug trafficking. Aztecas will more commonly question CJ about his gang banging status rather than directly shooting him on sight like the Ballas would. If the player chooses to respond positively, CJ will announce he is from Grove Street and the Aztecas will attack.

Despite the rivalry between the Aztecas and the Families, two prominent OG's/high ranking members bond a close friendship - Carl Johnson (Grove Street) and Cesar Vialpando (Aztecas) due to Cesar dating Carl's sister Kendl - though this is much to the dismay of Grove Street leader Sweet whom quotes at the beginning of the game "you know we beefing" in relation to the rivalry between the two gangs. The friendship of Carl and Cesar is further fueled when they eventually leave behind the gang-banging lifestyle.

They own a few small sized territories, known to them as barrios. Their territory includes:

El Corona
Little Mexico
Unity Station

Unity Station in particular acts as a front for the gang and is a common meeting place, aswell as being the place where their lowrider competition takes place. VLA members are mostly dressed in the 90's 'cholo' (mexican gangster) style clothing of the time and turquoise bandanas are a dead give-away and they will often mark their territroy with graffiti. Members are found hanging around and talking in groups while smoking marijuana and drinking malt liquor. Upon spotting a Balla, Grove, and especially a Vago or rarely a Rifa member on sight - they will engage in a violent confrontation. Aztecas can also sometimes be seen flashing their gang handsigns.

Desire Clothes/Skins :

ID: 114
ID: 115
ID: 116
ID: 173
ID: 174
ID: 175

Desire Rank Names :

''El Jefe''
The Jefe is The Leader of the Set He's the most importand/respected person in his Hood.
He makes all desicions related to His set.

''Right Hand''
The Right Hand is The First man of the leader His oppinion counts in the hood.

The O.G is a Very respected Member Who been around very long Much experience and Respect also.

''Top Noch''
The Top Noch is a Member who is known around the hood been around for a while and knows how to Handle in every situation.

''Young Soldado''
This Guy just Started his Carreer in The Set Still has to learn things and needs to follow orders.

''New Hermano''
These are guys who just jumped in the set learing the basics of everything.

These guys aint shit around the hood they want to be a part of the set and are earing respect these guys have to listen to every member.

Screenshot of your family (InGame) :


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