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Applied to Gangs/Families

Post by Johann on Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:31 am


Contribution to the server
You may have the best gang on the planet but if all you do is stand on a roof or stay in your hq waiting for a point to pop out and talk in /f you're not helping the server at all. Get involved! Invite people over for drinks, start a little conflict with your neighbors, have street races. Do something to interact with people outside of your gang.

Why are the admins threatening to take away my cool gang?

We have the same requirements of existing gangs that we do of gangs in waiting. If your gang falls below our standards, we will not be shy to take it away from you. Keep that in mind. Also help other people. Be positive, be a role-model to newbies.

Help! Our family bank, family locker or fsafe is empty! We have been ROBBED! HELP!

We will not fix IC problems caused by you. You or one of your associates gave someone the keys to the castle and they ran away with your loot. Too bad! It's an in character issue and should be handled in character, not by admins.


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