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Server Update

Post by Johann on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:00 am

SA-MP 0.3z Update

SA-MP 0.3z has now officially been released and we've updated our server to this version. This is mainly a security update but it also introduces some new features.

SA-MP 0.3z features:
An optional lag compensation mode improves shooting accuracy.
New server callbacks allow greater control over weapons and vehicles.
Network statistics functions will make it easier to admin servers.
Many minor security updates for both the client and server.

A warning to hackers: We've expanded our anti-cheat and added new experimental systems to spot health hackers (invulnerability) and some other types of hacks. You are strongly advised to turn off your hacks and leave them in the past for good or there's a chance that you will end up banned after this update.

Additional notes:
Players now take damage the first 10 seconds that they're alt-tabbed. After that they will no longer take damage. This is to prevent alt-tabbing to avoid death.

You will need to download the latest version of the client from here to be able to continue playing on our server, otherwise you won't be able to connect.

SA-MP 0.3z client installer download mirrors (you only need to download from one mirror):
SA-MP 0.3z R1 Client - Mirror by SA-MP Team
SA-MP 0.3z R1 Client - Mirror by SA-MP Team
SA-MP 0.3z R1 Client - Mirror by SA-MP Team



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