Admin Suggestion to avoid PowerGaming

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Admin Suggestion to avoid PowerGaming

Post by Kenz Cobarde on Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:44 pm

          To all admin's before you jailed/prison/ban the player take an screen shot/video that can confirmed the mistake/fault of the player because sometimes we have an admin using his/her command to jailed/prison/ban the player that's no have any mistake . this admin has create any reason to he/she have a permission to punish the player . i think the reason why the admin use his power to punish the player if he/she hate or dislike it and if we have a problem of each other .
           To loyal admin's make sure that you have a screen shot/video before you jailed/prison/ban because if the player are have a complaint's against you , you can give a proof/evidence that can confirmed that the player are break the rules of this Server . . .

    That's All Thank You ^_^

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