[Accepted]Fast Food Union

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[Accepted]Fast Food Union

Post by Roderick Asiong on Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:38 pm

Gang Name : Fast Food Union [F.F.U]

Leader : Roderick_Fonger

Gang Story (3-5 paragraph) : F.F.U. Stories
F.F.U. Stories
Roderick And Jhayar Fonger Make a Gang name FFU he make this For Protect the us  and Help The Civillian Like a Poor And Other People need in This Gang .

But One Day all People's Work Hard for This City Acciendentally More Mafia Gang Finding The FFU .

The Mafia make Rebolution In this FFU City But Mafia Gang Not Win To FFU Cause This Gang Members More Pro Like the Others Gang .

More People Deads In This Rebulotion And all FFU mad to All Gangs .

i will Decide to join to Top most List Gang In Los Santos City  Cause i want to See The Other Gang What Can We Do All FFU To make a rebulotion And kill The All Gangs in Los Santos

That Is my Stories and my Borther.

Thank You .

Desire Clothes/Skins : Skin ID: 167
                             Skin ID: 209
                             Skin ID: 205
                             Skin ID: 168
                             Skin ID: 70
                             Skin ID: 155

Desire Rank Names : God Father's
                           Right Hand's
                           Bad Boy
                           Shit Chicken

Screenshot of your family (InGame) :

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