LSFMD Rules (c) Official

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LSFMD Rules (c) Official

Post by Burns on Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:24 am

In Character Rules

1. Obey the higher ranks
2. Respect other staff members and members from other departments
3. Have discipline for yourself
4. No weapons in L.S.F.M.D unless you use it when someone's life or your life is in danger or if you confiscated it.
5. No narcotics in L.S.F.M.D
6. No abuse of L.S.F.M.D vehicles for illegal or personal use
7. Don't bring back to L.S.F.M.D Damaged or nearly out of fuel vehicles
8. Park the used vehicles at their original parking spot
9. Always ask for permission when going on a patrol
10. If you want to go on patrol, do it with someone else if anyone available
11. Only Those who finished their training can use all the vehicles. Doctors may use ambulances and helicopter but firefighters may only use the fire truncks
12. Don't abuse your badge for speeding or traffic violations
13. Obey the traffic rules while driving in an emergency vehicle
14. If you get ticketed for doing your job, if it's proven that you did nothing wrong, but just doing your job, the department will pay the ticket for you.
15. If the department gets fined because one of your own will actions, you will have to pay the ticket.
16. Radio and department Radio should be used only to give and receive an information and not to chat.

Out of Character Rules

1. Respect other (faction) members
1. Have discipline for yourself
3. No flaming, if you have a problem you report it to the appropriate person
4. No OOC messing around at the departments all the time
5. No adding of nitrous, hydraulics to the faction vehicles
6. Don't drive a faction vehicle while off duty.

I Do anticipate all hired probationaries and future applicants going through this before exams, interviews and training. This helps us provide better RP experience for us and other players

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