LSFMD Handbook (c) Official

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LSFMD Handbook (c) Official

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1. Message from the LSFMD

Greetings from the Los Santos Fire & Medical Department!

One of the busiest and most rewarding factions within Los Santos, it is a great faction to join in order to get some great experience and satisfaction in your everyday life. The goal of this handbook is to enlighten old and new members alike to how to operate within the LSFMD, what’s expected, how to properly care for patients and all other miscellaneous things that the Los Santos Medical Department has to offer.

There are many different divisions that are available to the members in the Los Santos Medical Department, and people who work hard will be eventually rewarded with the chance to join one of these elite divisions. There is more information on them later on. If you’re looking for a good job, with great self-reward and fulfillment, then the Los Santos Medical Department is the place for you! Apply on LSFMD Section @ ||  to get started, and a member of our Training and Recruitment division will look after you and ensure that you get the proper knowledge and training for the job. Good luck!

2. Overview of the LSFMD

The Los Santos Fire & Medical Department is one of the busiest and demanding factions in Los Santos. People are constantly getting injured, there are fights between gangs and Law Enforcement Officers all the time, causing injury to them, and it can get very hectic at times. However, the LSMFD can also be one of the most fun factions there are, and there’s a lot of things to do and a lot of levels and departments to join and reach in the LSFMD.

When you are recruited into the LSFMD, you are automatically defaulted to the Medical Department. This is the basic department at the start, it is also the most important for people to be in. This is the department that is most often going out in the Ambulances and saving the lives of the injured people in Los Santos, and is relied upon by everyone.

3. Basic Duties

The basic duty of the LSFMD is to help the hurt, the mental and anyone that seeks help. We are not here to make sure everyone is walking straight and making sure everything is done perfect. We are here to provide a safe environment for each and every civilian. Always remember, "we are a life-saving organization, not a life-taking organization." Everything we do should influence the community in a positive way. If the High Command believes that at any time you are straying away from the basic duty, you will be let go, no questions asked.

On Duty

Be on duty at all times, we may need you if someone is hurt, had an accident or even is dying. You don't know what is coming around the corner. There could be a car crash, anything. Please get on duty and stay on duty and always announce you are on duty at all times in the /r(adio) channel.

Off Duty

Announce that you are off duty, give a reason, a good one, and never use /d if you are off duty. If you are off duty and using an ambulance or any LSFMD vehicle you will be let go. Please follow the rules or you will be let go.

4. Chain of Command

Duty as a Probitionary (R0)

As a Probitionary you are in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department works. If somebody is a higher rank than you and tells you something, you had better listen and do it. Ensure that you are doing your duties correctly, if you are having trouble with anything follow the chain of command.

Note: Using /d[epartments] will give you a strike if you don’t have granted permission from a Paramedic or higher.

Duty as a Intermediate (R1)

As a Intermediate you are now know as true member to the LSFMD. You are in a position all basics and must set a good example to everyone. You are now eligible to apply for certain divisions. Ensure that all basics know what to do and show them the correct way.

Note: Using /d[epartments] will give you a strike if you don’t have granted permission from a Paramedic or higher.

Duty as a Paramedic (R2)

As a Paramedic you are now a trusted member to LSFMD. You now have authority over all intermediates and basics. You are to show a excellent standard to everyone. Ensure that all basics and intermediates are doing their duties correctly. You can give permission to anyone who is asking to go off duty with a valid reason, no other permission are granted to you.

Duty as a Lieutenant (R3)

As a Lieutenant you are now in charge of an entire division and must ensure everybody does their duties correctly, especially the Paramedics. You are now able to give out warning and merits to all medics. Ensure that everything is informed every step of the way.

Duty as a Captain (R4)

As a Captain you are eligible to give any permission to anyone. You must ensure that everyone is doing their duties correctly, especially Lieutenants. You are also to ensure that everyone is feeling safe and is happy with everything.

Duty as a Deputy Chief and Chief (R5-R6)

As a Deputy chief or Chief you are now under control of the whole department and must show discipline and over watch the medics.


LSFMD Information , Rules and Requirements: RULES REQUIREMENTS

Effective immediately, we are introducing an official rules guideline that every Member in the LSFMD must follow at all times, or risk being duty banned or worse, fired.

1. Always obey orders from your superior.

2. NEVER decline to help people in need.

3. Be sharp, learn, try to be the best

4. Do not ask for Ranks, we will give them to you when you deserve it.

5. Do NOT use your fire extinguisher as a weapon (( youll be fired , even for using it on DMers))

6. You are not allowed to use Firetrucks. Ask for permission to use any of them.

7. Always be on Duty when answering calls or using our vehicles.

8. Always wear medic uniform when on duty.

9. Always roleplay in performing medic activities

10. Misconduct / Misbehavior as LSFMD member will be subjected immediately to disciplinary actions or dismissal from LSFMD.

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